New Website Almost Here!

Hey there,

My name is Andy and I’ve recently acquired this website and am currently finalising the design and layout.

I love music and will be reviewing all sorts of the latest audio gear including speakers, hifi, home cinema, portable wireless speakers. I know there are already loads of sites out there reviewing the best bluetooth earphones in the UK, but I must have used hundreds of different pairs of headphones over the last few years and love sharing my thoughts on all the different aspects – and not just sound quality. I will be covering factors that don’t always get mentioned on all standard headphones review sites, such as durability, comfort and what they are like after say six months of everyday use, and not just right now in August 2019.  Stay tuned and get ready for me to test the best earphones on the market.

My favourite band is Penetration.

Here are some cool music videos showcasing some of their best tracks including Lover Of Outrage.

Here’s a live performance from Newcastle UK back in 2012:

Check back soon for some cool reviews on the best bluetooth headphones to buy in the UK in August 2019, including earbuds, in ear, foldable, wired and wireless earphones and over ear and on ear cans!